We believe that children have the right to be children and be kept completely secure from both fear and reality of abuse, and we are committed to protecting children from harm



When I am at the Spring Centre, wherever I am, whoever I am with, whatever I am doing, I have these fundamental rights:


  1. Being valued as an individual means
    1. being cared for and treated as unique
    2. being talked to and about by my own name
    3. being consistently cared for across settings
    4. being encouraged to be me
    5. being given enough time to take part, to do things for myself, to understand and be understood.
  1. Being treated with dignity and respect means
    1. being addressed with respect; never referred to or about as if I am  my disability, nor as if I am one of my needs, nor as if I am a piece of equipment, nor finally as if I am hardly a child at all.
    2. Being involved in conversations; never being talked about as if I am not there.
    3. Having my privacy respected at all times
    4. Having all information about me treated carefully, kept safe and shared only with those people who need to know; never discussing me in the presence of another child.
    5. Being given the best possible care that can be provided.
    6. Being involved in decisions that effect me; being actively encouraged to express my views and where these cannot be taken into account, then told why.


  1. Being loved and cared for as a child first means
    1. having the same rights and choices and as far possible the same    kind of life as other children of my own age and culture.
    2. Consistent care from staff who care about me and know me well.
    3. Being actively supported as part of a family; having my parents/carers fully involved in any planning for me and acknowledge as ultimately responsible for me.
    4. Having access to communication equipment when needed, and being listened to and heard when I need to communicate, even if it takes a long time, and even if I am not easy to understand.
    5. Being given information about what is happening before it happens, and being given explanations of procedures before they occur
    6. Being given the opportunity to play.



Being safe means

    1. not being exposed to unnecessary risks
    2. being protected from neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse
    3. knowing that I have these rights, all of the time I am at the Spring Centre or in their care, and that these rights can only be denied with good cause.
    4. Knowing that all of the important adults in my life are aware of these basic rights.



It is the responsibility of every member of staff to ensure the safety of the children whilst at the Centre.

The following guidelines should be adhered to at all times:-

  1. The safety of the children is paramount
  2. An adult should be with the children at all times
  3. Care should be taken when using apparatus to minimise any injuries
  4. When using paint, glue, sand or water supervision is essential
  5. Sockets should always be covered when not in use
  6. Sharp objects such as scissors, pencils etc only to be used under supervision
  7. Appropriate seating should be used including straps and harnesses to ensure the child’s safety and minimise the risk of falling.
  8. No hot drinks should be in the children’s vicinity at any time
  9. The safety rules for the designated rooms i.e. Soft Play Room and the Sensory room should be complied with at all times.
  10. When children are in the building the access doors are to remain locked so no unauthorised persons may enter the rooms



NB  The above is only part of our Child Protection Policy.  If you would like a copy of our full policy please send a large SAE to Spring Centre, Gardner House, Olympus Park, Quedgeley, Gloucester.  GL2 4NF